3 Books on Traffic Rules for Kids

The rate of road accidents is very high in many places. You must teach your kids the traffic rules from a very young age. Just like preschool math games free, these books can be taught in free classes in school. Children should learn the traffic rules just like they learn the basic principles of math in preschool.

Here are some books on traffic rules for kids that are easy to understand.

Post Image 3 Books on Traffic Rules for Kids Traffic Lights - 3 Books on Traffic Rules for KidsTraffic Lights

By – Munazzah Mehak

By reading this book, kids will know about the various traffic rules. Kids must use the street before going to school and they don’t know the meaning of the traffic lights. The stories in this book include these traffic rules.

Post Image 3 Books on Traffic Rules for Kids Look Left Look Right Look Left Again - 3 Books on Traffic Rules for KidsLook Left, Look Right, Look Left Again

By – Ginger Pate

This is a story about a duck called Wally Waddlewater. He made a nice card for his grandmother and wanted to give it to her. So, he was on the road and almost got hit by a car when crossing the road. After coming home, his mother teaches him to ‘Look left, look right, look left again. Then she goes with him to show him how to do it.

The duck and his mother practice this, again and again, many times just like kids should practice their math. Then the mother lets him cross the road by himself and go to his grandmother’s house. The book is colorful and fun to read. Your kids will love this book.

Post Image 3 Books on Traffic Rules for Kids Be Careful and Stay Safe - 3 Books on Traffic Rules for KidsBe Careful and Stay Safe

By – Cheri J. Meiners

This is a great book for kids about staying safe. When the kids start going to school they must learn about traffic rules and road safety. The book provides advice on how to avoid dangerous situations, follow directions and ask for help.

These books are written in very simple language. The kids will understand them easily. The colorful pages will help them to remember the stories they have read.

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